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Just got done watching the 2008 Food City 500. That was the one and only time I have ever been to BMS. I don’t actually think I’ve ever seen the race from a television viewpoint. And the only reason I’m even able to remember what year I went is because I remember it being Dale Jarrett’s final race and I also remember Bowyer winning the Nationwide race after being rain shortened, which to this day is still the only race I have ever been to that was affected by rain (Aside from a 30 minute rain delay in Kansas a couple years ago.) Thinking about it, we must have went during Spring Break and it must have been my graduation gift as I graduated HS 2 months later. I knew who had won because I saw the results beforehand, but I had no idea how he won and still wasn’t sure up until the very end, as he wasn’t much of a contender for most of the race. Also, it’s funny how different things were without the 5 minute repair clock. Mike Skinner broke an oil cooler, flames poring out and he was back out on the track after 60 laps in the garage. I don’t remember the years of any races I have been to, but I think I have pictures on flash drives and they should have the dates on the files. Maybe I’ll see if I can find them online and watch them.

Side note: DW could hardly speak, but he fought through it through the entire race, so shoutout to him!

Also…Fox needs to bring back the digger cam!
Imagine if they used a little brown character named digger today. I'm not sure how they got away with it back then.
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@Nitro Dude , What would a Hauler driver expect to be paid for the job? Is there a standard rate or is it negotiable?
I'm guessing it's negotiable based on how many useful additional skills one can bring. Drivers are expected to do more than drive between the shop and the track. A guy who's able to help with the car would have an advantage over one who can't. I suspect being a decent cook would also be appreciated monetarily.
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