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    One of the therapist I see is the sister of a guy I knew back in the 70's 80's 90's, Serefino, aka Jimmy, had a bodyshop. He's wrecked more Ferrari's then we as a group have owned. He was into boat racing and we had many good times talking. She told him about me.
    Well he came by yesterday to say hi, also to tell me they'll be racing this summer over in Battleship Cove, Mass. I'm invited to be part of his ''pit crew''.
    He's moved up in class, way up to Superboat unlimited,50 footer, no restrictions on engines, he's running 1850 hp.180 mph. On WATER!

    ps, he's gotten old.....hehehe
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    The annual 'Burning of the Christmas Tree'!

    The tree had been down for about a week. Had it sitting out back. Had trouble getting my tractor running in the cold weather. Finally got it fired up today and used it to carry the tree down to the back 40 to set some flame to her. The tree that is. One of the best trees we've had. Burned real nice too.

    The holidays are officially over in our household.


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