Rebellion claims pole for WEC's season reboot at Spa

Doc Austin

Back From The Dead
Jan 29, 2017
Largo, Fla
Rebellion determined to go out with class, almost a second clear of Toyota. The big surprise is Bykolles was only about 0.8 two seconds off the second Toyota. Bykolles is now running a Gibson, so hopefully they will have good reliability and get in the fight.

Apparently Rebellion will have the edge, though the hybrids do better in traffic. We could have a great race.
Naturally there had to be a weather intervention. 2020.

Most highlights so far look to be in LMP2 and GTE-Pro. No surprise there.
Haven't watched any yet. I'm up for a good race and it sounds like that's happening.
Maybe not.

Rebellion's challenge was over as soon as the green dropped. The official reason was tire pressures, and their first stint was embarrassing. They went there with a 1 sec per lap advantage, but Toyota's AWD advantage wiped that out in the wet conditions.

Toyota struggled with software issues all day and still ran away with it. My understanding is the rule for Lemans will be the same as last year when Toyota lapped everyone a dozen times or so. Unless there's incredible attrition that's not going to be an epic contest. Personally I hope all the P1 cars blow up and we get a savage P2 battle for the win.

One piece of good news is Bykolles ran strongly. They had some teething problems, but remember that's the first time out with the Gibson engine. Hopefully they will get it worked out before LeMans.

P2 was yet again, as expected, the stars of the show.
I completely forgot about this race

You might notice that just about everyone else has given up on this series. The P1 class is a bad joke that's not funny, but it was easy to see this coming from how poorly WEC has treated the privateers. They have all simply vanished, and I don't think you can count Bykolles as a serious entry. Rebellion was supposed to be gone by now and delaying LeMans was the only thing that brought them back…… and they're supposed to be gone after that.

Speaking of which, I was disappointed that Rebellion didn't factor today. Both of the Toyotas were hamstrung with software problems or the beating would have been even more embarrassing. The official reason was "tire pressures,' but they have been running that car for a year and still don't have it figured out? I don't buy that. Something else is very wrong.

Once again the P2 cars stole the show, and the GT action was savage. WEC at least has that going for it.

I do however hold out big hope that IMSA and WEC can make the "convergence" work and give us a big, competitive prototype field. It's more than possible if they play it right. The problem is we might not see that until 2022.

While I'm at it, IMSA really does need to bring the P2s back to their top class and allow them to be competitive. The DPI field next year doesn't look like it's going to be particularly strong, and allowing the P2 cars to compete could turn that around. Both series need to pull it together because next year doesn't look like it's going to be any better for either series.
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