Renshaw attempts second ARCA race



Deborah Renshaw, the 24 year old driver of Nashvillegate fame, will attempt to make qualify for her second career ARCA start today at Pocono.

Her first attempt two weeks ago in the #75 Bob Schacht Racing Taurus was at Kentucky. Debbie qualified 7th and finished 8th in a respectable run. The unsponsored team has plans to run additional ARCA events this season at Chicago, Nashville, Talledega, and Charlotte.

Good luck to the team.
Yep, A local Ford dealer I think. Said he wanted no part of such things.

Also read where Renshaw may return and run some races at that track, as track officials have assured her of no further harassment. The track also changed some rules to outlaw the ganging up practice and to prevent the entry of a car for the sole intenet of protesting.
I wish her luck.Quite an ugly scene,IMO.The way I understand the protest was filed,a car was entered for the express purpose of withdrawing simply to launch a protest.Cheap-shot.

And I also read the local Ford dealer withdrew,however I was under the impression the Dealership sponsered the racetrack and not an individual driver[?].
Atwood is fastest in first practice, Renshaw is 9th. Qualifying is in progress now.

Top 10 first practice:

1 ----- Casey Atwood/Statesville NC ----- Dodge Dealers Dodge ----- 164.609
2 ----- Chad Blount/Walkerton IN ----- Braun Auto Group Dodge ----- 163.869
3 ----- Frank Kimmel/Jeffersonville IN ----- Advance Auto Parts-Pork Ford ----- 163.120
4 ----- Jason Jarrett/Hickory NC ----- Biomet-Damon RV Chevrolet ----- 162.772
5 ----- Robert Burroughs/Laurel MS ----- Burroughs Diesel Ford ----- 161.230
6 ----- Mario Gosselin/Lake Wales FL ----- Cable Network-Motorola-Comscope Chevrolet ----- 160.219
7 ----- Billy Venturini/Concord NC ----- Dunham Sports Chevrolet ----- 159.089
8 ----- AJ Henriksen/Mooresville NC ----- Fastenal-Engineered Components Ford ----- 158.912
9 ----- Deborah Renshaw/Bowling Green KY ----- Bob Schacht Motorsports Ford ----- 158.719
10 ----- Andy Belmont/Penndel PA ----- Odoban Grease Control Ford ----- 158.359
I really think she is, she's hott!! If she beat me, I wouldn't bitch and complain about it. Just like a wrestling match, I would let her pin me...haha.
Thats cool that she is doing well. Is the Bob Schact team the 75 I think it is right? I hope she can do good in the race!!! I wanted to see the Connie Chung show last week that she was on, but i forgot about it when it was on
I hope she performs well in ARCA to the point that she can get a full time ride. That way she won't have to deal with idiots at Nashville Speedway. It saddens me to think that those assholes live right around here. I still can't believe that someone would do such a thing.:mad:
Well she didnt fare well, something went wrong, she wont be starting the race. I cant believe that a section of NASCAR would allow something like that to happen, of wait im talking about Nascar. What do you expect.
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