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I haven't been around much this year and my number of posts are very low which made a lot of members happy.:)
Bought a century home last year, renovated and sold this year for a tidy profit. This year we built additions to our new home and hope to be done
before Daytona. Had to hire help this time around, I am not as agile at age 80 as I once was, any work on ladders is out.
This has always been my favorite's place since the old forum closed. Many very likeable people have passed away and I do miss their posts very much.
Hope to be more active this coming season although the winter will be filled with my new business of snow plowing. Just getting the second truck outfitted as I speak.
Y'all have a fantastic off season.


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Yup, it’s David Ragan. RFK making a huge splash by bringing back the driver that underachieved the most in their cars in the last 20 years.
The 60 doesn't have a charter, I doubt Ragan will be the driver for every race, more like an All Star (bring money car)

RFK plans to expand the program to beyond Daytona with the intention of competing in multiple races throughout the 2024 season. Those details will be released at a later date.
I was hoping the 60 was going to be a limited schedule for a young driver as a way to run them in some races before a full time Cup drive in 25, someone with potential they can build around in the coming years. Zane Smith would have sure looked good rocking that 60, wasnt meant to be. I guess my point is I was hoping for a more inspired choice than jobber David Ragan, but I'm hoping Brad can find some more inspiring choices in the future for that ride.
I wonder if it will be as cursed at the 60 Xfinity car or the 06 cup car were in their last seasons
I sure do admire Brad's contribution to RFK Racing and how he appears to be setting them up for many more years of success. There are many out there that didn't/don't consider themselves one of his fans and that's ok. To me, he has always been a fierce and smart competitor and now seems to be even a better team leader.
Awesome. This guy gets it.

RFK consistently putting out the best paint schemes. You gotta respect and appreciate the attention to detail, and the pride they take in their work. It's OK to go fast AND look good while doing it!
See I disagree I don't like any of RFKs schemes
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