Rick Ware, Tony Stewart, Hendrick, and...Charters


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Oct 18, 2005
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So some news has come out recently involving the three of these...in Drag Racing.

Most everybody knows Tony came over to our side. Not as many may know that Rick Ware Racing bought Clay Millican's operation last year. Even fewer may know that Hendrick has signed a long-term deal to sponsor Greg Anderson at KB-Titan Racing.

Hendrick Automotive Group has extended its partnership with five-time NHRA Pro Stock World Champion Greg Anderson and is KB Titan Racing team. As the NHRA opens the 2024 Mission Foods Drag Racing Series season, the multi-year agreement will have HendrickCars.com adorn his Chevrolet Camaro, starting with this weekend’s national event in Gainesville, Florida.

Coincidentally, all three teams are part of the PRO - Professional Racers Owners - Organization. And they released a huge PR announcement this morning.

It looks to me like these three big NASCAR folks are showing NHRA the light thanks to the Charter system that NASCAR has implemented, and the pending doom if the new NASCAR/Teams agreement doesn't get resolved.

The Professional Racers Owners Organization, Inc. (PRO), a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) business, confirmed the decision to form PRO Promotions, LLC, a for-profit business entity. It has named Tasca as its spokesperson.


Tony Stewart, who is also a member of the PRO Board, said the new PRO Promotions is just a way of advancing the opportunities of the professional drag racers.

“As motorsports continue to evolve, so must we,” Stewart said. “We believe there are opportunities on the horizon for the sport as a collective whole and we want to be uniquely positioned when those moments arise.”


Part of that advancement appears to be the racers’ taking control of their business and licensing opportunities that were previously either not pursued or unattainable.


“The success of The PRO Superstar Shootout cannot be overstated,” said Richard Freeman, one of the proponents behind the event. “The greatest success of all, however, was likely that which happened behind the scenes. Teams united like never before, solidifying the formation of a for-profit, collective entity as our natural next step.”
PRO ran an event on Flo with a $250K to win payout last month in Bradenton, as a reminder to everyone. Also IIRC NHRA hasn't increased race purses in 30 or so years?
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