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  1. Jeffrey00

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    Right now I am racing with a wheel stand in front of my living room TV. Just isn't enough room in my house for a full on 3 monitor setup racing rig. However once fall comes and temperature drops outside I will be able to set something up in my garage.

    Wondering do you guys have a rig, or desk 3 monitor setup? How did you come bye your setup now?

    I think I will be looking for a cheap metal frame wheel and pedal rig on eBay that I will make shift into a 3 monitor setup. Here in South Texas I should be able to race about 7 to 8 months in the garage, but will have to move back into the house for summer.
  2. LouieLouie

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    Yeah I'm on the cheapo side of things. I have been iracing on and off for about 6 years I think. I started off with a non-FFB wheel. I think it was a thrustmaster of somekind. I moved up to a Driving Force GT by Logitech about 4 years ago. I added a bodnar cable to get 1024 resolution on the pedals and have been using that ever since. I build my own computers and the last time I built was 2011. At that time I went with an i5-2500K and 8GB RAM. I also went with a 23" single monitor and a GTX 560TI. All of this is sitting on top of one of those folding plastic tables, 4'x6' i think. And I just use a rolling office chair.

    I have been looking into upgrading my rig but funds are kind of low right now. When I eventually upgrade, I think I am moving to one 40" or 50" screen and maybe get a real rig type setup instead of a rolling chair and table. I have read up on the difference between 1 screen and 3 screens and a lot of people say 1 screen is nicer and a little more immersive for them. I like the idea of just 1 large screen because it is easier to run on a lower level GPU. You don't need a 1080 $500 video card to run 1 screen on full graphics. Plus tvs are really cheap so you can get a nice 50" 120hz HD tv for like $400 opposed to 3 23" monitors for like $500 plus the expensive graphics card to run all 3 monitors. Also you can use the tv to watch tv if I ever get tired of iracing.

    I will eventually need to upgrade my cpu but I'm not convinced that any of the intel products are that much of an upgrade from my i5-2500K right now. Iracing seems to run on only 1 core so the higher your cpu speed the better and right now my i5 is at 4.2GHz. I could probably go to 4.5 but I don't think it would get me much more performance in iracing.

    I probably need to upgrade my wheel and pedal combo too eventually. I hear good things about the thrustmaster 300 or 500 lately. Again, I don't have the funds to upgrade anything right now so this is all just a dream for me.

    I'm a fan of building computers so if you have any questions I can help walk you through it. It is really easy to do.
  3. SpeedPagan

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    I have a homemade sim racing sled that was built from a set of plans. I used the RS1 and RS3 plans from these guys.

    I have a three monitor set-up because I have a digital dash that I use and I do use the Fanatec clubsport universal hub which has like 13 buttons.

    If you are limited by space, may I suggest trying to go VR? I know that iRacing supports Oculus Rift and I think they now support the Vive. That could be a way for you to go.

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