RIP Bob Saget

RIP, that one unexpected. Watched so much Full House and AFV growing up.
Man, that's horrible news.

Full House was my show, not necessarily for the comedy, but because I just loved the characters so much. When Nick at Nite started airing it again several years ago, I watched it religiously. I even watched (and liked) Fuller House on Netflix. No, it wasn't for everybody, but I loved the innocent, wholesome cheesiness of it, and nobody lived up to that phrase better than the nerdy, overly responsible neat freak Danny Tanner.

Bob Saget was obviously nothing like Danny Tanner in real life, and based on an interview he did that I either read or saw a while back, I think the fact that most people had the opposite perception probably bugged him a little bit at times. Regardless, that's how I and I'm sure many others who didn't know him personally will remember him, and you know what? I don't think that's a bad legacy to leave behind at all.

Thanks for the entertainment and the memories, and rest easy, Bob. Farewell and godspeed. :(

RIP and still in disbelief he seemed so young.
Damn, sad, RIP Bob

Years ago( around '12/13) Bob was in town to do stand up, he was on one of the local FM's morning shows ( they have a connection with the club) , anyways, that morning, I learned that Bob Saget was nothing like what I grew up watching.
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