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It was Road America or Bust this year. I took my gimp leg and crutched right on into Wisconsin. I am just glad I was well enough to go on the trip. The crutches wern't too awful bad, just slow moving. I got to all the main places I wanted to get, turn 5, the pits, the Brat stand.
You can't beat live racing thats for sure, its kinda crazy watching the first race the day before on tv then 24 hours later your 20ft from the track. We left at 4am, 5hours 15min later we were at the track, on a fog delay. The 600 race was a wild one, we watched it from the Yamaha pit pouring rain and all. When Rodger on his Honda almost fell they cheered, hehe, but when DiSalvo crashed and they brought the bike back they wern't too happy. Watched the rest of the races from turn 5, it was great.

Here is some pics of some riders, Clockwise we got proof that Mat Maldin is tampering Yates bike, hehe. Then we got Hacking putting on his bug sheild, then Larry Pegram after his awsome 3rd place performance, then 2 pics of the crazy Anthony Gobert, the go show...


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Here is some pics from the 600 Race.


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and this is some of the Superbike race. I tried to post the videos I had(.avi's) but to no avail. Oh well. Sorry no pics with the babes this year, they all went into hiding when the rain came, hehe.
::come on Nate, you gotta attach the pic::


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I know, this is like the first event I didn't get a pic with a pit babe. With the rain, they seemed to take shelter. There were Hooters Girls there but I couldn't catch em on my crutches. hehe.
Its a great place. A park with a track carved into of it, with some implanted brat stands, awsome. Like when we got there, there was a deer on the track. Imagine a bike hiting that, ouch.
That's awesome man. I think I'm getting a scanner soon, so I'll post some pictures from my trips to Mid-Ohio. I can't wait. ^_^
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