Roberto Guerrero to try BGN

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by HardScrabble, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. HardScrabble

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    When was this announced? I missed it somewhere. Anyway another open wheel driver is gonna give the stockers a try this year. Do any of the open wheel fans around here know what Roberto has been doing of late?

    Hispanic team

    No, former Busch Series champion David Green is not Hispanic. Green will, however, drive the Hispanic Racing Team’s No. 09 in Saturday’s race, the Tropicana 300. Green finished 14th in the car in May at Lowe’s Motor Speedway.

    Veteran open-wheel driver Roberto Guerrero is scheduled to make his stock car debut in the car later this year for races in Atlanta, Phoenix and Homestead.

    The team is sponsored by Ciclon, a Panama-based energy drink
  2. PettyBenson

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    its been anounceed for a long time i think they were to have tried a few races already but for some reason have not. jayski has a picture of the car in the paint scheme gallery
  3. Awesome_Bill

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    Is Roberto capable of making the switch...Shawna jr???
  4. PettyBenson

    PettyBenson Guest

    don't know i don't think he has driven a stock car in many years and not sure when the last timne he tried a indy car either. The last time i rember hearing about him was at Indy in 2001 trying to make the feild in someones back up car on the last day buit he did not make it.

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