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Oct 18, 2005
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im ready for it. I'm gonna miss a good chunk of the TV coverage, does anybody know if theres going to be a radio broadcast of it? (prn or mrn?)
Are you considering bringing a radio to church? lol
no, but we're having a guys night out playing poker so i either go to that or watch the race.

I'd rather watch the race.

Lemme fix that

I'd rather be IN the race.
well, it's been an eventful race so far. I'm not sure who to root for yet.

weather is going to be a key role today/tonight/tomorrow. Lotta teams gonan be wishing perelli made an intermediate instead of just dry and wet.
im thinking dempsey can stick with his day job...although i do give some credit to te piurelli's and the int'l horseshoe that those 2 together dont quite agree.
so i guess the overnight was fairly uneventful (unlike last year), other than the wet stuff. Right now it looks like the line is drying up, at least 1 team has admitted they're back on slicks (which would be my choice from the amera angles). Wet or Dry, night or Day? I personally am amazed that they can do a brake pad change as fast as they do.
another big it- number 3. whole front ends wiped off. looks like driver should be ok.
meanwhile, here's the result of the race i've been running the last while.


I'm still trying to get my eyes open so I can make sense of what's going on. LOL

Had trouble getting the Hughes Net connection last night and this AM. Finally unplugged the little bugger, let it sit, plugged back and in, and up it comes. Strange--this was the message I got.

TCP Acceleration Error (800.3) - Acceleration Backbones In SYN_SENT State
The HUGHES terminal is experiencing a problem with it's TCP acceleration infrastructure. Retrying the web page may correct the problem.

Sorry, I just hijacked the thread --- LOL Back to racing. That was a nasty hit on the 3.
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