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Oct 18, 2005
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I bet Max angelelli is killing himself about now. Even though i missed from laps 31 to 63, it was still a good race!
I think it is classic guys... anytime you have 2 people batteling it out you leave room for the guy behind to catch up or the guy in front to get away.

Thats why patience is important; do not force a move it only slows the both of you down, wait until the move presents itself so you can get by quickly...

But after hounding him lap after lap you have to TRY at some point... this time it back fired for both of them...

But thats why Alonso's decision to take 2nd at Imola in the F1 race makes him such a great driver, he could have pushed and he might have won, he might have gotten a DNF also... this time Pruett and Angilleli got hurt...
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