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Ron, what's your experience running a Ti exhaust valve with a heavy nitrous load...AND what's your experience running an inconel(sp) valve on a copper berrylium seat?


I wouldn't run a Titanium valve with NOS in your deal. Inconel on a copper berlium seat; yes I've seen it work fine in a Top Fuel engine but your talking big bucks. BTW Ferrea makes a Special Alloy valve that works with NOS,Turbos,Supercharged engines.
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Thanks for the reply. I should have given you more information, but it's been a very busy week(s).

I've already got the copper berilium seat/inconel valve combo together. I converted one of my naturally aspirated combinations to Nitrous and swapped out the Del West Ti exhaust valves for the inconel deals. The heads had copper seats to begin with.

My concern is pounding the soft seat with the inconel valve. This is my first Nitrous combination and I'm a little concerned that I may hurt the seat in the long run. I haven't lost any lash, so I guess that's a good sign. I'd like to put the Ti valaves back in, but not if that will lead to catosprophic failure. On the up side, although the cams I use are real agressive on the leading ramp, they are pretty gentle on the back closing side.

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