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Sep 18, 2001
Deep in the heart of Texas
Go git 'em! !

The President has lost patience with the Army Special Forces so his latest ploy to drive the Taliban and Al Queda out of the mountains of Afghanistan is to send in a team of Alabama Special Forces.

Billy Bob, Bubba, Boo, Scooter, and Cooter are being sent in with the following information:

1. There is no limit.
2. The season opened last weekend.
3. They taste just like chicken.
4. They don't like beer, pickup trucks, country music, or Jesus.
5. Some are queer.
6. They don't like barbeque.
7. They were responsible for Dale Earnhardt's racing death.

That should just about do it. Don't you think?
TRL, that's funny as hell, where did you find that??? I think Scooter might be my neighbor! :)
Thats funny TRL,They forgot,They only take a bath once a year,and smell worse than an Alabama Chicken Farmer.:)
Hillarious TRL,
I gotta' check my ID one more time, I think I may be Cooter...............Hehehe
That was hilarious. If anyone is offended, they need to get a grip. Some people just get offended too easy. I laugh the hardest at West Virginia jokes because that is where my whole family is from. When Jeff Foxworthy said "You might be a redneck if people come to your yard sale and you are not having one" I almost died laughing because that was the house I grew up in.
One dang redneck, present and accounted for. They also need to tell those Special Forces that some of them signed letters of intent to play football for UT. lol
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