Round Of 12, Who Doesn't Advance?

Larson has arguably been the fastest car in the playoffs, avg finish of 2.7 so far, and likely wins Kansas without their issues.

Talladega will be a guarenteed bad point day. But I can't see him missing the round of 12 unless Kansas or Roval go bad again.

I'm gonna say.


One of the big 4 won't make it out of this round, imo. And I think it would be Byron. I've felt his ridiculous good luck from the regular season would run out. And in terms of overall speed, he's just been more inconsistent than the 11/5 and at times, the 19 all year. He was a virtual non factor in the first 3 races

Between that, and the fading luck, I think he wrecks at Talladega, and has an issue in one of the other races.

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9th Ryan Blaney
10th Kyle Busch
11th Ross Chastain
12th Bubba Wallace
Kyle Busch fell off a cliff mid season, so I’m saying it’s him, Bubba, Keselowski and Chastain
It’s a crap shoot at this point. I don’t see Larson or Hamlin dropping the ball.


Seem like the ones who may miss it to me.
Someone are due for a slump, some are just middling along, and some are gonna rally. With that thinking I pick:

It won't be J. Dennis, but I badly want it to be J. Dennis.

He must be thanking "The Felon" every day for neutering Chastain.
Going to go with Chastain, Keselowski, Bubba and Buescher. I wanted to put Larson out in this round because frankly the thought of Talladega being in these next 3 gives me the cold sweats, but I think he gets it done at Texas this week.
The stat that impresses me most isn't for a playoff driver. It's Hocevar in 14th with an average finish of 16th. For his first three Cup races. In a Legacy car.
Hocevar is the new kid of the year. He sure seems comfortable in a cup car. The harpies were wanting to throw him out of the trucks last year when he pinned a Yota in the side. I think he will either get a really good finity ride or a cup one, but I think he is done in the Trucks.
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