Sarah Fischer



Yes I am talking about the forumla one racer...

Well anyways I remember back when her whole family raced over at K-C -RACEWAY Massiville, ohio . Her father and Brother were the two best sprint car racers I have ever seen on that track.
Nope Ive always went to K-c which is sold to a driver now and 35 raceway.... I occasionally have dad take me to some race track in dayton
hhhhmmmmm i do not know where either of those tracks are, but I've heard of KC.
Sarah Fisher runs IRL now, prior to that she ran with the All Stars and the WoO.
ya i remeber her when she was just a gurl i saw drivin on dirt on tv, boy them old days
I was impressed last year when I went to the IRL race at Richmond. Sarah is the most popular driver in the IRL. Seemed like every other person had a Sarah Fisher shirt or hat on and She also got all the cheers during driver introductions!!!! Kinda like the Richard Petty or Big E .....of the IRL !!!!
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