Scott Speed


Everyones an outlaw til its time to do outlaw s%&#
Jun 13, 2009
Was apparently in a bad wreck text is from his Facebook post

Sorry for a late update. After landing hard in Q1 I broke my back. Was rushed to the local hospital for checks. CT scan confirmed a destroyed t6.. then was taken to a spine specialist at University of Utah. Finally got an MRI done around 3am.. we found I have 3 fractured vertebrae. Waiting now for the surgeons to give us the game plan. Last night was easily the scariest and most painful time I can remember. Was in a pretty dark place. But I want to thank so much everyone who came and spent time with me. No way I could have made it thru alone. @peterbminnig will forever have a place in my heart for all that he did and Luckily the best cousin in the world @jekka_arellano lives here to play mama bear for me... so excited to see Amanda and dad here soon. Thanks for all the kind text messages!

What a bummer. Pastrana's RX courses are effin nuts. Hope he's able to recover fully
Hope he gets well.
What a shame, is the defending ARX champion, switched to Subaru this year and got their first win since 2014 and is leading the points, Subaru looking to get their first rallycross championship.
The next round is coming up soon at COTA, i'm sure Scott is out for the year, i'm guessing Higgins or Pastrana will fill in for him. Possibly Oliver Solberg.
Hopefully makes a quick recovery and can get back at it next year.
The NRX track is really awesome looking, however that gap jump looks pretty scary (not sure if thats the jump that caused Scotts injury, i didn't see any replay of Q1, i only watched the NRX final).
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