Short Track Racin 6-18-16, fun fun

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    At my local track on June 18th for Super Late Models and Pro Trucks at Desoto Speed Way Bradenton Fla.
    Wife and I had a good time and the racing was excellent. Track is 74 miles from home, but, only two red lights in Arcadia, easy drive. #30 Jesse Dutilly is our driver pick to follow, he is starting in third position, he races clean, hard and close, so much fun to watch him work Traffic. Check it out at
    Here are a couple pictures of the Late Models that night. BTW, pay no attention to the #18 KB fan in front of us.:lol2: Desoto 6-18-16 1.jpg
    Desoto 6-18-16 2.jpg Desoto 6-18-16 3.jpg
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