Should Dale Jr. Leave DEI?

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by abooja, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. abooja

    abooja Guest

    After reading this article, I got to thinking:

    In it is this disturbing (and embarrassing) quote from Dale Jr. I'll put it in context:

    "I do have, every now and then, regrets about Daytona," Waltrip says. "I could have drove up beside him. I know I could have. But you know, teammates work together occasionally. If I had to do it over, I would have driven up beside of him at Daytona in July and said, 'OK, let's see what happens.' "

    That's news to Junior: "If he'd have raced me, I don't know how good of a teammate he'd have been. I can honestly tell you that if it was me behind him with 15, 10 laps to go, that's where I would have stayed. And if I'm willing to be that devoted to my teammate, I expect the same out of him. If he ain't willing to do what's right for DEI, he needs my foot in his (tail)."

    Couldn't believe he actually said that. And I do believe that this is the way he truly feels, despite his behavior late in the race Saturday night. He didn't want to try for that win at Daytona. He was more interested in being a good teammate and, by extension, a good "employee" for DEI.

    And that's the inherent problem. He's so caught up in the day to day operations at DEI now that his father is gone, that it seems to be interfering with, not only his performance, but his approach to racing. I mean, how competetive can you be when you think of yourself as just a piece in a corporate jigsaw puzzle? He wasn't as involved last year, plus he had lots to prove given his father's sudden death, so he was more successful.

    I think he may need to go racing for another team, or just become less involved with DEI. Personally, I think he should do what his daddy did and drive for Richard Childress. He's had about as much success with Richard's cars as DEI's this year, so why not? It worked for Dale Sr.
  2. ParkHere

    ParkHere Guest

    I was thinking along the same lines, abooja. Jr's willing to shoulder some of the managerial duties at DEI, but I truly don't think he's ready yet. He's trying to do the right thing by everybody, and it just won't work. He needs to focus on his race career, and leave the day to day running of the business to those who know the business end, at least for the next few years.
  3. HappyHour

    HappyHour Guest

    I don't know, abooja, I'm not completely sold on all the "team" spirit coming from DEI. Seems Junior was racing for himself Saturday night.

    I know his crewchief had something to do with it, but....
  4. He sould get less involved with the day to day operations of DEI and consentrate on racing like Kyle is doing this year, but he should not leave DEI.
  5. abooja

    abooja Guest

    HH: I think his crew chief (well, car chief) had EVERYTHING to do with Junior's bid for the win. I wish I could say otherwise, because it's frankly embarrassing that Dale Jr., as a competitor, wouldn't instinctively want to pass Michael Waltrip. In his prime, Dale Sr. would have done so.

    But I think that Junior is too caught up in the big picture to focus on what he has to do to be successful behind that wheel week in, week out. Maybe things are too cushy for him over at DEI. I mean, he knows he's not going to be out of a ride anytime soon, no matter how badly he's doing. What's his motivation, then? More money? More fame? Success on the track? Well, one would hope. But, then, I have to wonder if he doesn't feel overshadowed by his father's great success. He'll probably never be as great a driver as Dale Earnhardt. Maybe he's subconsciously figuring, "Why even try?".

    Who the hell knows. I just think a major rehaul is needed, and may even be underway at DEI. And it had better include a plan to get Jr. the hell out of the office and back on the track full time.
  6. paul

    paul Team Owner

    He needs to stop trying to be the boss. If he wants to be involved, that's fine. But don't take the high road one day and the "high line" the next.

    Very hypocritical of him.

    But still, I would rather see him do what he did Saturday night and race for a win then continue bashing his teammates in the media.
  7. 97forever

    97forever Team Owner

    TNI,I think is the REAL initials for that 'team'.Ty Norris Incorporated!!
  8. paul

    paul Team Owner

    Which is the way it should be.
  9. HardScrabble

    HardScrabble Guest

    Ty Norris is now searching for a President for DEI, with support of Teresa. He and the organization seem to have come to the realization that the management "system" now in place is only generating confusion and misdirection.

    I can't be too critical. From its inception DEI had one person and one person only who made every major decision. No one was being groomed fo fill that role as no replacement was expected to be needed. Dealt a harsh blow, the company has struggled with leadership identity and some of the players (Jr. Ty and even Teresa) have unintientionally or maybe intentionally jockeyed for position.

    Jr states that while he wants to become involved in the management of the company in a major capacitiy, he also realizes that he is neither of an experience nor in a postion to do so. Despite this there are external pressures from both fans and media as they ask him questions about the direction of the company that force him into that role. It is not an easy stiuation for anyone to deal with. Given time he'll be fine, and that time should be spent focusing on the his job at hand, which is driving the 8 car for now. Let the rest flow naturally to him.
  10. abooja

    abooja Guest

    Paul: It should be, but it's not. It's the product of Dale Earnhardt's sweat and tears, and Dale Jr. is very protective of it. That's great and all, but it seems to work in direct opposition to his career as a race car driver.

    I don't think he's necessarily happy with his position at DEI. For instance, I doubt he enjoyed making those statements about Michael and Steve over the last few months. I don't think he's on a power trip of any kind. I believe he feels morally obligated to do the work of his father.

    But Dale Sr. could wear the pants at DEI because: a) he WAS DEI and B) he didn't drive for DEI.

    Dale Jr. needs to get his head back in racing, and quickly. Being less successful than Michael Waltrip is totally unacceptable.
  11. paul

    paul Team Owner

    HS and abooja...

    I would much rather see Jr race...I'll say it again: last night was what he was meant to do. Not this other stuff, because he ends up eating major crow and looking foolish.

    Shut up and drive...IMO.
  12. abooja

    abooja Guest

    I agree, Paul. I'm just saying that it's probably not going to happen unless he either leaves DEI or pays someone else to do what he's now doing. He can't be a helpful teammate, a COO, and a successful competitor all at once.
  13. paul

    paul Team Owner

    Yeah, I agree too. You just say it more eloquently. :)
  14. abooja

    abooja Guest

  15. Tabasco

    Tabasco Team Owner

    I would hate to see him be another Kyle. I don't think it would ever happen, but he needs to drive and nothing else.
  16. rajflyboy

    rajflyboy Guest

    DEI was created for JR and Kerry to take over eventually. It just happened a lot sooner than anyone had imagined. Jr and the group should just hire someone to do the management and business side and Jr should drive the car !!!

    Good Post Abooja

    I always thought that the abooja name couldnt possibly be a female name but I was wrong !!!!

    Your very much female :)
  17. rpmallen

    rpmallen Guest

    "If he'd have raced me, I don't know how good of a teammate he'd have been. I can honestly tell you that if it was me behind him with 15, 10 laps to go, that's where I would have stayed. And if I'm willing to be that devoted to my teammate, I expect the same out of him. If he ain't willing to do what's right for DEI, he needs my foot in his (tail)."

    I'm not saying Jr. shouldn't have made the move he did at Daytona, but he's really full of bs if that comes out of his mouth at Talladega and then he doesn't stick with Michael at Daytona. Michael did stick with Dale, and had Michael tried to pass him, god only knows what would have come out of Jr's mouth. Now he can take his foot and shove it in his own (tail).

    I don't see him going to another team any time soon though. He owns part of DEI, has a sponsor behind him, and has at least one good teammate, whether he fully appreciates him or not. I think we'll see him with that team for awhile, but hopefully in the meantime he grows up a bit.
  18. Whiteheat

    Whiteheat Guest

    I agree with you about Jr. just driving. He is too young to get into the management end of it as that will just detract from his performance on the track and I think we are seeing that right now.

    I would have said no to him leaving DEI but if it's the only way to be free of the management end of things then maybe he should go and drive for Childress.

    I would like to see him with another crew chief no matter where he is. I would not have minded him finishing 2nd and helping his team mate win since Mikey had helped Jr. out in the past. I know you should be trying to win but why have any team mates if you are not supposed to ever help them?

    I think Jr. is under a lot of pressure and he shouldn't have to be. When you are that age it should be all about trying to win and doing your best every race or game in whatever sport you are participating in.
  19. m&m\'s 36

    m&m\'s 36 Guest

    if i remember correctly mikey started out saying the same thing about the "team" and was so criticized for not trying to win i think he changed his story a bit to "save face". my opinion of course. (i don't mean this race, the one where mikey came in second)

    jr might be better off somewhere else, but DEI is his legacy.
  20. abooja

    abooja Guest

    Thanks, flyboy... you flatterer, you. :eek:
  21. followthe18

    followthe18 Guest

    I think it is funny that everyone says he did the right thing by trying to pass Mikey when we all know there was no way in hell he was going to do it. If you thought Rusty was going to go with him than you're crazy too. Rusty knew that if Junior pulled out he would gain one more position and 5 more points. Plate racing isn't racing at all, so there is no point in trying to make a pass that could never be made. Junior should have stayed where he was, like he wanted to. 2nd place pays more points and money than 6th place does.
  22. racer8

    racer8 Team Owner

    Most seem to think JR. should concentrate on racing and leave managing alone and I couldn't agree more. they have some great people in place at DEI.:beerchug: :beerchug:
  23. Gordon Fan

    Gordon Fan Guest

    Oh Please! No way should he or will he leave there. He will be there for as long as there is a DEI.
  24. judas1

    judas1 Guest

    I think it would be a stupid idea for him to leave dei:mad:

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