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Feb 5, 2013
A thread I enjoyed on another forum, not sure if it's been done here, but I couldn't find anything like it. If so, forgive me. :D Just post a picture of your car, and anything you've done to it.

2007 Dodge Charger RT 5.7 Hemi

This was what she looked like the day I brought her home:


And what she looks like now:


The mods I've done are:
Tinted windows (20% all the way around)
SRT Hood
Hood Pins
Rear spoiler
Smoked LED tail lights
Sublime Green Pin Stripe
Sublime Green Hemi Emblems
Daytona Grille and Honeycomb Insert
In Channel Window Rain Guards
Removed muffler and added straight pipe
Installed Clarion NX501 Navigation Head Unit
Sublime Green Daytona R/T Emblem
Smoked license plate covers
Green Halo head lights and fogs
Smoked Corner Lenses
HID headlights
Grille LED lights
Sublime Green Dodge Ram head emblems
I'd post a picture of mine if I had a car that anybody but me would want to look at. I drive a '99 Chevy Lumina 4- door sedan. Some moron had done some major work to the stereo. It's one of those high dollar pieces of crap that the whole face tilts down and out so you can see the station and or CD track info and time, etc. It pisses me off because it sticks out so far that you can't use the damn cup holder that comes out underneath it. There is also a big heavy plastic coated wiring setup, by the brake pedal area, that apparantly used to run to some kind of ghetto blasting set up that used to be in the truck. I hook my foot in that thing every now and then when I try to get out of the car.
This is my most recent purchase, a 2013 Dodge Charger R/T Blacktop.
I've been looking around to see what I want to add to the car to make it more unique than others around my area. Since purchasing I've added 30% Tint all the way around, and had some L.E.D. strips installed underneath the headlights and around the fog lights. I would like to get some input on what I could add to make my car look better, sound better, and flat out be better. If you had any input that would be great.


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Not my car but exactly like it. That's right it's a 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo. It isn't new, fancy and won't turn in a 10 acre field but damn it I get great gas mileage. LOL
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