Sir Jack Brabham

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    Founder of the Brabham team. 4 Drivers Championships, 2 Constructors Championships, 35 wins over a 30 year span.
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    RIP. An incredible man.
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    In addition to his Formula One exploits, Brabham ran at the Indy 500 four times, including a 9th place finish in 1961. Brabham cars won five USAC (pre-curser to the IndyCar Series) events and Mario Andretti won the 1965 USAC championship in a car that was a clone of a Brabham chassis, built under license from Brabham. This according to Wiki'o'pedia.
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    And I like this little fact.....

    • Only F1 driver to win championship in car of his own construction
    R.I.P. Sir Jack
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    What a gentleman. I watched him race when I was a kid and I admired him tremendously! He ranks right up there with the all-time greats. That's for sure. RIP, sir.

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