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I'm new to watching Moto GP. how many CC's are allowed in MotoGp? I know all about the AMA stuff.........just a little unsure of MotoGP. There were a group of 5 of us watching the Brazil Race and none of us new the question!

Thanks In Advance!
Ok, first off is that the engine block can not be based from a stock production machine. It must be sole purposed for MotoGP. WCM already was penalizied this year for using a stock R1 block. Here is the rules on engines..

Engine capacity: max 990cc, Cylinders: min 3, Weight:

min 135 kg for 3 cylinder

min 145 kg 4 or 5 cylinders

min 155 kg 6 or more cylinders

and I think its an extra 10 kg for oval pistion bikes, but currently there are none. Current configurations are...

Honda RC211V - 4 stroke V 5

Yamaha YZR-M1 - 4 stroke 4 cylinder

Aprilia RS Cube - 4 stroke 3 cylinder

Suzuki GSV-R - 4 stroke V4

Ducati - 4 stroke 4 cylinder V4

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR - 4 stroke inline 4
Thanks Nate. I had no clue! So many different Ideas on how to go fast! What Engine combo works/etc.
I was in a hurry whne I did that post and I forgot
Proton KR with their V 5 config.

Your just starting to watch GP right? well you just missed the great transfer of 2 strokes to 4 strokes. Up until a few years ago 500cc 2 strokers were all there were until the FIM updated their rules. Honda came out with their present bike and they rest will eventually follow. The first year where Honda and then a few races later Yamaha were not as dominate as you might think. Faster down the straight they were but when it came to turning the little 500s smoked them. Was really great to watch the 4 strokes blow past only to get retaken in the turn. But as the season went on you could see the Development. 4 bikes up front every race all with you know what. Now these 4 stokes are pretty much unreal. And the last of 2 strokes are being phased out this year.

Its great to see so many different configs, all have their strenghts. :)
In a Few Years 4 strokes will rule the motorcycle world.........even Motocross
Yeah, very true. Thats another example. 2 troke development has hit a brick wall for sure. Is it next year RC going to a 4 stroke or is it the year after?
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