So I guess . . .



Zelda is sitting quietly in the asylum when she is not howling at the full moon. Evelyn and Herb ran away with the grocery receipts of the day. Rusty's still looking for a win, and Bill and Saddam opened a Hooters in Little Rock.

Hey, what happened? Why did you go and end our little story?! I was just waiting for someone else to pipe in. I felt the tale had too much of an abooja influence, is all. Let's try to get it going.

Besides, it's not official until you post that in the Y.a.r.n. thread itself. :D
OK, I am putting the above paragraph in the Y.a.r.n. thread. Without THE END.

You're up.
But, wait! How is the story to proceed now that you've already tied up the loose ends? I'm not sure that I understood the ends when they were still loose! Maybe we're better off putting a fork in that tale. It was getting a little out of control.

Thoughts on starting a new one? Or would you prefer that I try to eke some creativity out of my congested head and continue the orginal yarn? :huh:
I'm not sure I knew what was going on either.

But surely Zelda has not seen the last of Rusty, Bill and Saddam.

Herb and Evelyn need to spend the money they stole.

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