So, we own a car. (dialup friendly now)


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Oct 18, 2005
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Kinda. Put $500 deposit on it today. Pick it up in 2 weeks (cant next week, i'll be at track, owner will be on his fishing boat in the middle of the Gulf).

Guy in georgia built it and made 8 runs, had a heart attack w/ 4 way bypass, traded for custom built chopper in houston 2 years ago, chopper builder never ran it.

The guy we're buying it from now, his grandson is in Jr's. Well he tried and tried to convince his GS that a super comp would be a more logical step up. GS wanted a door car to graduate to from Jr's, so he bought his kid this car to make the kid happy. Well last month, grandkid says "Grandad, i decided i'd rather have a dragster". So now he sold us this car so he can get his grandson a comp dragster.

Talk about a spoiled kid! So the car only has 8 runs, possibly 10 at the most, NHRA certified to 7.50, 440 big block with a 175 nitrous plate and 225 nitrous fogger. No idea what is in the motor. Shifter needs to be moved and that's about it. click on the thumbnails and they'll go full size. Video only works on windows (windows media format, sorry).
That looks like it'll be fun!
Why the passenger seat? :idunno:

It's typical for bracket cars- Allows a crew assistant to ride to the staging lanes rather than walk, for when you dont have a moped/pit bike/ect. Or, as it is right now, it can be a bottle and extinguisher holder.
nice :) what are you going to do with it now that you have it?
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