Something about the "Good ol' days" of NASCAR that you DO NOT miss


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May 3, 2017
Back in the day racing people were even less mainstream than now. My 5th grade teacher found out I wanted to be a race car driver and he spent some class time ridiculing my dream in front of everyone else. My teacher Mr Hill was at least a distant freind of Ned Jarrett or so he said and he bought some pictures of them at least posing together.

He told me along with the class how Ned was effected by things like the Fireball Roberts crash and how they were was no money to be made in it for a family man so Ned retired. All of which was at least 99% true in the most profound sense.

My own Mama is a good person and Mother but she told me not to ever buy or build a race car until I moved out cause she wasnt having it in her home. She never attended any race or race practice(s) of mine. She wasnt going to encourage her boys trashy pursuits.

I was raised in church and I could write in detail about being shunned as a high school student and as a young man that was absolute about his desires to be a race car driver. I was also sincere about what I learned at church during those years and active as a young person could ever be about supporting the work and even leading in many of those church events. I want to emphasize this was a long time ago before most readers here was even born and I also felt the same shunning from professional types as well during those years.

This aint self pity it was just the way it was during the time and I think most people that was hardcore about racing during those days had similar or relatable experiences.

So I will just have to take a pass on original thread question. It was the primative racing years and other than it being the killer years I would havet missed it for the world.

The cars were crude and much less perfect. The gap from first to last was definitely greater during those days. The following analogy may miss but it represents my feeling.

The Revolutionary soilder wasnt any less of a warrior than a modern day one that can accomplish so much more based on the better tools, weapons and technology. By the same token the modern day one sacrifices too and is a no less of patriot than the famed originals that we read about in our fornative years.

A lot of rambling but I have and loved the racing I grew up on. I am sure some of it is more sentinental than technical but I dont care it drove my passion. I would not trade the years or the time of my journey for any other years. It was the greatest show ever.
I had the time of my life and hope the previous sentence is true for all readers regardles of your own personal era.
What a great story to share, and thanks for doing so!
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