Something About You

I went out for dinner on the boss last night after work with the other guys and one girl who sold enough over the past two days. It was cool to eat on somebody else's dime for a change.
I like to keep my hair short enough that if I oversleep and don't have time to shower it doesn't matter
I watched one of my favorite movies ever again today, Falling Down.

I'm eating a stuffed pepper.
I just worked the last 2 days sick as.
I now have 3 days off to be more sick. :(
I recently discovered "Coconut" Nature Valley crunchy granola bars. Holy crap, are they good! I eat other flavors all the time, but these are excellent!
I my kids. I also LIKE them. I know that you love your kids without liking them
I am so glad that I have a few hours that I can take a muscle relaxer and crash and see if it helps my back recover a little bit for a change.
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