Southern mod opener


Here kitty, kitty, kitty
Nov 14, 2002
Winston Salem, NC
Southern mods open this weekend at Caraway Speedway. The wife and I are planning on going. I wonder who from the north will be there?
Got a few northerners who will start this race. Some have raced down here before but there are a couple of names I've not heard of. Todd Szegedy will start 6th, Teddy Christopher will start 12th, and James Civali will start 14th. Of those I've not heard of before are Patrick Emerling starting 13th and Michael Speeny starting 22nd. Also starting a couple of guys from Florida that I've not heard of are Jonathan Kievman, 10th and Gary Fountain, 20th. Brian Loftin will won the pole with Burt Myers second. However, I do believe they have the top six draw for starting positions and those six are Loftin, B. Myers, G. Brunnhoelzl III, L.W. Miller, Frank Fleming and Todd Szegedy. A field of 22 cars and 70 degrees, so it looks to be a great day for racing.
What a beautiful day for racing. Watched two good races, late model 200 lapper and the featured 150 lap modified race. For the first half of the race, it was pretty much follow the leader but when the tires began to wear, cautions came out. A good number of lead changes, but it wasn't until about three fourths of the way until real carnage came. First off, for what ever reason, Christopher hit the first turn wall. I couldn't see what happened, but he returned to the pits on the hook. On another restart, two of the best cars all day restarted one and two. Something happened in turn two and both cars were hurt with one of them out of the race (he was the pole sitter). In the end, a Yankee won, but this Yank actually lives down here and races on the mod circuit. George Brunnhoelzl III took the checkered flag followed by Tim Brown of Mad House fame. My favorite, Burt Myers led the first half of the race, but lost his tires and then had a pit road violation and fell two laps down. His brother Jason finished I believe in the top five, staying out of trouble all day. Other notable mod drivers that finished top ten were Civali and Suess, both Yanks. We learned something today and that is that we can't sit in the fourth turn anymore because we can't see the entire track. The haulers are getting taller and taller and made impossible to see the back stretch and turn two. But its great to see them coming out of four, heading straight at you at those speeds. Next race is at the same place in a couple of weeks. This one will be a night race, more than likely Saturday night. But March can still bring cold nights so the wife says it just might not be warm enough. At least it was grrrrrreat to smell racing fuel again.
Young Brunnhoelzl won the second race of the season at Hickory. The Yanks fared better this race and some of the southern hotshoes didn't do so well.
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