This is funny. you take quotes from movies, tv, real life or famouse saying. Take a word out and add a form of the work spank.

Ex) "I will spank you and your little dog to" - Wizard Of Oz

Have fun with it. :p :whoopee: :pbjtime: :pbjtime: :pbjtime: :pbjtime: :pbjtime:
1st soldier: "I want a spanking"
2nd soldier: "You can't handle a spanking!"

from "A Few Good Men"
You call that a spanking. Now this is a spanking, ( Crocodile Dundee )
Steve: What are you doing here?
Dylan: I'm spanking aliens. ( Independence Day )

Jimmy: You scared, man?
Steve: No. You?
Jimmy: No... spank me! ( Independence Day )
"We are the nights who say Spank!"

"Bring us back a nice Spanking"

-Monty Python's Holy Grail
"1, 2, Spank"

"3, sir"

"Oh, right"

-Monty Python's Holy Grail

"I would rather spank a wookie" -- star wars

"Jafar: How many times do I have to spank you, boy?" -- Disny's Alladian
"He is Amazing aint he with all the spinning, hurting, kicking, and spanking and all" -- Mystery Men
"You guys can turn back if you want to. All I know is I have to find Private Spanking"

-Saving Private Ryan
"Why Spank you" -- Real quote from Ace Ventrerra Pet Dect.

"Have you ever spanked the devil in the pale moon light" -- Joker from Batman I
Oh Miss Scarlet, I don't know nothing about spanking no baby...- Gone With The Wind

Like a virgin...spanked for the very first time....

I love the smell of spanking in the morning...

We're off to spank the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz...
They gave us just enough spanking to put the name on the car. ( Days of Thunder)
The Mummy returns

Jonathan: I told you! I told you!
Meela: And your point is?
Jonathan: Well, I told you what you wanted to know so you wouldn't spank me!
Meela: When did we make that arrangement?


Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump: I'm not a smart man, but I know what spanking is.


The Grinch Stold Christmas The Movie

Cindy Lou Who: Santa, what's the meaning of Christmas?
Grinch: SPANKINGS! I mean... presents, I suppose.

Senator Kelly: We must know who they are, and above all, who they can spank.

Storm: Do you know what hapens to a toad when it's spanked by lightning?
Once I spanked an elephant in my pajamas, why he was wearing my pajamas I'll never know!- Marx Bros.
"You're going to ignore the problem til it swims up and spanks you on the a##!" - Matt Hooper talking to Mayor in Jaws
"You gonna spank from over there cowboy? 'Cause if you are i'm gonna have to make some adjustments" The hooker talking to Mathew Broderick in Biloxi Blues
Some people here have labeled as a dissturber of the spankings. ( Lord of the Rings )
Does your mother not spank you enough? - Full Metal Jacket
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