SRX RACE thread --- Knoxville

Watching because I love Knoxville Raceway. Would have probably gone if I had paid more attention and realized that the 410 sprints are running tonight as well.

The seating capacity is 21,000+, so be aware that it always looks empty for every event except the Knoxville Nationals.
If they're going to prep the track like this for the Trucks, that would be a good thing. These things drive credibly around here for a heavy stock car.
I can't believe they had to throw in a 3 minute commercial break during a 10 minute race. A-holes.
Tracy doesn't have a clue what he's doing. Can't hold a line, which was helping him from getting passed on the outside. It's entertaining that he is tempted to try to run the top though.
Bloomquist, no big surprise there. I wonder if Helio could have stayed out front had there not been the cautions? He was looking good until then.
Half the races I was going to watch tonight got rained out, and somehow all the others are currently downtime while this is downtime.
It's cute that they're more taken with saying "slide job" than actually figuring out what it is.
That’s exactly what I expected Helio’s car to look like after his first time on dirt.
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