SRX Racing Series 2023


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Feb 26, 2013
Despite a fine how to do about how the whole series concept/format wouldn't work very well if at all, year three looks to be assured for '23

Sweet Mfg power rack and pinion steering. Imagine that.

SRX has me hooked. Willy T makes me laugh and they keep it to short
tracks which provides good entertainment for 2 hours . I hope their
business model will continue to keep them in business.

“It was important to us to kick-off this summer at Stafford Motor Speedway, in Bristol’s (CT) backyard. Stafford and the Arute Family have done a first-class job, and the proximity to ESPN made the home game concept very exciting. SRX’s first visit to Thunder Road (VT) will be awesome – the fans there are spectacular, and we’re excited for race rans around the country to see how awesome that place is. We are equally excited to visit Motor Mile and Berlin Race – these are two tracks that have been on our radar since day one. Finally, finishing the season with back-to-back dirt races will test the driver’s adaptability. Eldora is a world class facility, and with Tony [Stewart], we know we are getting the very best. And hosting our championship at Lucas Oil Speedway in Missouri will be the perfect finale to a diverse and exciting 2023 summer schedule,” said Hawk.
Dang these guys are pulling in some big names. Who tried saying them going to cable during the week was probably going to be the end of them?

I know I've asked before but has anyone heard why Ray isn't involved in SRX anymore? It's like he's just disappeared
I hate to admit this, but I'm actually kind of disappointed in the number of nascar guys in this series. Really hoped for diverse driver line-up

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Like the variety. Champions (past and present) across multiple disciplines, hopefully the continued inclusion of hometown stars, and a YouTube star.
It would be nice to see them bring Larson in, not sure how much spare time he has though
It would be nice to see them bring Larson in, not sure how much spare time he has though
Not sure how much recreational racing Larson wants to do on asphalt

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Larson's plate is pretty full. He and Brad Sweet have that dirt racing series they have started this year.
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