St. Petersburg.......The race!!

Jumping those cars like that -out on the track- it's really not that big of a deal.

We used to do stuff like that out on the back country roads when I was a kid, in my buddy's 1954 Chevy station wagon.


Yesterday-at the check-in tent.
One of the things to look at when you watch this race-- notice how beautiful the city of St. Petersburg is. It is without a doubt the most gorgeous city I have ever been in. All new condos and buildings downtown where they are racing. The harbor right there is beautiful. I am just in awe of the architecture and pretty buildings when I go for a ride downtown.

San Diego in the 1960s was a close second.

I’m honestly shocked these guys aren’t injured. Their asses are so much closer to the ground and I can’t imagine there’s a lot of cushion in their seat/floor area.
You're right. Those seats aren't made for comfort.

I wonder if they could put a small spring under the seat or some type or bushing to absorb some of the impact in order to protect the tail bone on a hard landing. It could possibly prevent putting another racer in a wheelchair.

They could also go just go with a Hank Hill ProstheticAss for cushioning to compliment the HANS device.

I feel like we need air titans to clean that front stretch off
Yeah do they not have a sweeper this weekend or what? Pretty much every shot shows marbles everywhere. With all these cautions I would’ve thought they’d do a cleaning in a few places.
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