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Forever a people person, Good Ol AJ

hearing that driver Stacy Compton recieved a certified letter in the mail yesterday informing him that he no longer had a job with AJ Foyt racing. The letter was supposedly mailed last Thursday. They supposedly have hired Mike Wallace to drive the car the rest of the season. He was their second choice to drive the car. Ron Hornaday was supposedly the first choice, but a deal could not be struck. Also being told the team will field only one entry at Indy this year at the Brickyard 400
That 14 car is a real joke. I've always liked Hornaday and I was excited last season when he hooked up with AJ. I thought Foyt would really put an effort into that team. But man, what a piece of crap. Personally I think Compton and Hornaday are better off without AJ. They both have good teams in the BGN series.
Did any one not see this coming? Raise your hand if this was a surprise.




That's what I thought. Not that I completely blame Stacey Compton. That #14 team has been a joke when it started, it's never had it's act together. I remember when that team first started, they couldn't qualify for any races, but noticed the nearly unsponsored #41 team was making races. So AJ Foyt bought out all the #41's team members and crew chief, which ended up shutting down Larry Hendrick's team. Any one remember that? That team is so bad, Kenny Wallace turned down driving for the #14 team b/c he said he didn't want to get involved in another team like the #27 team. Ouch again.

It's good to see Mike Wallace in a Cup ride for the rest of the season, but then again, I feel bad for him too. Unless that team miraculously turns around, that could end up hurting his career more than it could help him. It's arguably better to race a for a decent team a few times a year (#33) then a crappy team (#14) all year long.
AJ would trash that car, he would be headed in the right direction.
It is an embarresment to anyone who gets in that car. They'll finish bad nearly every race, and then will take the blame. Obviosly thats what AJ did to Stacy. Foyt will get a taste of what his cars like when Mike Wallace gets in it. I feel bad that Mike has to drive that trash, it could ruin his reputation.
The only driver that ever did any good in that car was Rick Mast. In 2000, he had two top-10's in the 2nd half of the season, which is more than any other of the drivers have had in the 1.5 years since. They definitely classify as a field-filler.
I just don't know why Conseco is sticking with this team. Their car hardly ever gets any TV time b/c when it does finish, it isn't any where near the front of the pack. I think the only reason why AJ keeps the team going is b/c he's planning for his retirement, but how much longer will Conseco be footing the bill?
That team is not that good and AJ want's nothing less then the best which he will never get with that team. AJ is going to mave to lower his expectations or get out of NASCAR otherwise all his car will be is a musical chair, it is highly unlikely he will find a driver that will make his car good. IMO I don't think Stacy did that bad of a job in the #14 car.
A. J. is impossible to work for. I predicted this firing months ago and am quite frankly surprised it took this long. Nobody can drive for him. His car is junk, he's a jerk, and I hope Stacy can latch on somewhere soon. He ain't completely hopeless...his former boss is.
Stacy is to good a driver not to get a new ride.

AJ is just a pimp, playing a game he knows little about, go back to open wheel and shut the f up. Hornaday is aslo a darn good driver who aj failed.

Conseco must have fallen for the:bs:
According to RPM 2nite, Mike Wallace has been testing the Conseco cars at Indy in preparation for a second AJ Foyt entry there (Oh goody!!). He has not been asked to drive the car at Pocono.

Stacy says the ride is still his, but apparently the team had bit of a "dustup" following the race at NHIS. The ollowing article is from the Lynchburg News Advance.

Hurt driver Compton on verge of losing ride with Foyt

By Robert Daski / The News & Advance
Jul 24, 2002


Stacy Compton said if things don't do a 180 soon, he may not drive for A.J. Foyt anymore.
Compton is "not real happy" with his team's current state and hopes things can turn around in a hurry.

"We continually get worse and worse," Compton said. "There needs to be some changes before we can be a competitive race team."

Compton denied a report on that he would be out of the No. 14 Pontiac this weekend and that Mike Wallace would be the replacement driver. He said he could remain with his current ride should things work out, but right now, things are extremely fuzzy.

"It's still up in the air," Compton said. "We need to get some things straightened out. I've asked for some things to be changed so that we can be a more competitive race team. Whether I'll continue to race for A.J. Foyt, I don't know. I may run Pocono this weekend, I might not. This weekend was the straw that broke the camel's back. We've been struggling and having problems. We had a good run going (at Loudon) and we didn't finish where I needed to. We all got a little frustrated and it came to a head this weekend. I don't know what we're going to do right now."

Compton said he has spoken with a couple other teams to seek spots with them. He said he would only take those rides providing proper funding and a competitive nature were turned in each week.

"I've got a couple opportunities," Compton said. "Right now if I want to pursue them, I'm not interested in doing it unless it's a good deal. If they've been in a couple of bad situations and they're not a well-funded race team, then I'm not real interested in riding around struggling to be competitive. I've raced my way to get to Winston Cup and if I can't race and be competitive, then I don't necessarily want to be there."

The Hurt driver signed on with A.J. Foyt Racing in January, but has not provided the finishes Foyt had hoped for. Compton stood 36th in Winston Cup points after this weekend and has no top-fives or top-10s to speak of. He even failed to qualify for the last month's race at Sears Point.

"We're not competitive week-in and week-out," Compton said. "We've broken (down) 10 times in 19 races and we can't be competitive if you're having problems in the pits as well as on the track. I've asked for some changes to be made to make it a better race team. If we can't make changes, then I don't want to be part of it."

His best finishes have been two 18th-place showings, one at his hometown track Martinsville, the other at Daytona two and a half weeks ago.

His best starts have been sixth at Texas and Talladega.

Compton recently re-upped with his Busch Grand National ride for 2003. He would still run in the Busch Series and in the Craftsman Truck Series in the races his sponsorship allows.
it's only a matter of time... they are only postponing the inevitable.
Compton says he received the registered letter on Monday after returning home from Loudon. And get this, the thing was dated last Thursday.
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