Starlink Quantum Internet (Project Odin)

Yes it is. More info in this video.

On one of the launches, after a few days, I counted 54 of the satellites in a row one early morning just before sunrise. It is my understanding there are hundreds and hundreds of them.

It will be interesting how this effects current business models for internet availability. Got a feeling, if it works a stated and is priced correctly, there will be a blood bath of defunct providers.
When it gets out of beta my guess is it wont be all sunshine and roses
Project ODIN: Project ODIN was a Military Space Force Intelligence Agency Operation connected to the new Starlink Satellite System. The over 500 Starlink Satellites sent into space since January 2021 now control all nations of the world’s Grids and has the ability to bypass, take over and operate all Media, Radio, Internet and Digital platforms around the globe including the new Emergency Broadcast System.
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Kash Patel talking about Elon Musk.
Wait till you find out what technology is built into the wall, and what it will be used for. :cool:
Here's what they look like in the night sky. If you can get the Washington Post (it may be behind a paywall) this is a great article and fantastic photo. Well worth trying to get a look at. If you can't get it, the second link should be available to everyone.

The last link shows how to see them where you are located.

Starlink1_2023-01-08 03_40_50-Greenshot.jpg

This service is great for those that have no internet service otherwise. For everyone else it's way overpriced.

I think I posted this before but we happened to catch a launch on our vacation last September. We didn't know what it was at the time until we saw the news the next day. I took this pic just south of Ocean City, MD of one of their launches in Florida.


>>FAA Warns That Falling Satellites Are Going to Start Killing People​

..But the FAA begs to differ. In a report to Congress made public last week, the agency claims that by 2035, some 28,000 fragments from Starlink satellites falling back to Earth could survive re-entry each year.

That has unsettling implications. With so much debris, the report concludes, the chance of a stray satellite fragment hitting and killing someone on the ground will rise to 61 percent each year...<<

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Looks like Musk didn't pad the FAA officials with enough money. This is sour grapes against an independent business man.
Independent USA funded business man who made the decision to shut off Ukraine's ability to communicate might have something to do with it. Took a **** in the wrong sandbox. Discrimination hiring practices, recalls on 2 million Tesla's, and X has lost billions. ;)
It is amazing how so many hate success.

Contracts and Subsidies are two way different things.
I dont like the Putin ass kissing contracts.

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