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Many championships are won or lost by the little things. Ya had a good car, the team is on a roll, and ya had the silver paint mojo working.

It would have taken the crew maybe 3 or 4 seconds to roll the car back into the pit stall before working on it. That would have hurt, but would not have cost a lap. When JJ over ran his pits at Charlotte many folks cried rookie mistake. This just shows that these mistakes can be made by anyone, they are as natural as breathng. Its what you do once they are made that counts!!
It just kinda puts a "!" on how hectic it is on pit road during a stop!
Originally posted by Walrus_3
It just kinda puts a "!" on how hectic it is on pit road during a stop!

Damn you Walrus........just had to say that and give a real and logical possible reason for that mistake. Took that smirk off my face!!:D :D :D :D
Lo Siento Por Favor, didn't mean to rob anybody of a smurk. Just know what a crazy place that gets to be.
I must be drain bamaged...those last two posts made sense! :D
Sorry Ladies,
It's just that I'd rather have a bottle in front a me, than a frontal lobotomy!!
Now maybe I'm with Benny on this one....

Unbelievable.......imo the wheels of the car were inside the pit box, and I thought for the life of me the rule sez wheels inside the box. Surprised that Benny did not expound on this.

Bad call Mr Official?
71Fan, I believe the rules state that the car cannot extend over the front or back line of the box. The right rear wheel can be outside the box, but the backend of the car must be clear of the end line.
the only on air shots I recall seeing of the incident were from the overhead camera. From that angel and with the poor quality of the picture, I would not dare say conclusively where the front tires were. Not can I state postively exactly what the rules require as to the cars placement beyond what TRL said about the right rear wheel.

The NASCAR official indicated clearly that the car was too far forward immediately. I saw no protest from any team member nor have found any post race reaction which would indicate the team feels wronged.

The fact that NBC and Benny did not pursue the issue would also lead me to conclude that either there is no clear picture indicating a missed call or they concluded the call was correct and a nonissue.
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