is just about through. He won't hold the points lead long running like hs is running. He acts like there is two races left and he just needs to finish instead of win.
A lot of the other talent is starting to get there stuff together,Sterling better stay on his toes for sure. ;)
Next week ought to tell the good, the bad and the ugly. No WC guys have tested the new layout and pavement. Should be interesting to see who gets their set-up right in the shortest time.
Yep Sterling has been clinging to that points lead all season, but now is the time he'll be giving it up...he can finish, but he doesnt always finish well.
I bet its a three car team TRL.This year is a tight race period. :)
If Sterling does not win the points race this year, recent history will be defied. The points leader at the halfway point has gone on to win the title every year since 1993.

Btw, did Sterling grab hold of a live wire or something?? What's with the hair?
I noticed the hair too........thought maybe he was just hot and sweaty and his hair was wet. But now that I think about it, it looked a lot like a whole lot of styling mouse (is that how you spell that stuff you put on hair.....what we used to call goop?). Maybe Sterling is doing an MTV special soon?:D
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