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Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by kat2220, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Has anyone heard anything "official" about Steve's position? I thought a decision was supposed to be made 2-3 weeks ago.

    meow (cough, cough, cough)Kat
  2. HardScrabble

    HardScrabble Guest

    Nothing official or unofficial lately. The company seems to be be standing mute on that subject for now. Gut feeling here is no good news for Steve this year.

    Can't say for sure, but IMO, one of the things that Sr would have done this year is to put Ty in a headlock under one arm and Jr under the other and "hint" that it is best for what goes on in our house to stay in our house. Maybe someone else delivered that message.
  3. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks, HS...... I hope that's what happened cus some have opened mouth and inserted:foot:

    Steve's problems, imho, have more to do with loss of respect from a ?team? than with his ability.
  4. sgbg88

    sgbg88 Guest

    Steve has gotten a bum deal this year. He comes back from a terrible injury and this is how he's treated!:mad: I've always liked Steve and don't know of any drivers that have a problem with him. I just hope wherever he goes he's in a good place for him. I don't think that will be at DEI and I think that might be Steve 's idea!
  5. Whiteheat

    Whiteheat Guest

    I like Steve Park and DEI should be giving him more support after what he has been through IMO.

    Dale Jr. is my favorite driver but I hope Steve will be back with DEI next year. If he is not I hope he has success with whatever team he is with.
  6. Tabasco

    Tabasco Team Owner

    I think they should have put him in a busch car this year. They could have gotten him in a good ride from RCR.
  7. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I disagree Tab, DEI just was impatient and there is NO RESPECT for Steve since the injury. Messed with his team, Jr badmouthing, etc.

    What if, hypothetically, he got the #25 ride??

    I believe he should get the hell out when his contract is up and find (if he hasn't already) someone who recognises his ability, talent and dedication and appreciates the gift he will bring.

    I am, however, still pizzed off at HMS for letting nadeau go.
  8. judas1

    judas1 Guest

    steve just needs time, and dei aint wanting to give it. its tuff today to give a lot of time to a recovering driver. if they release him, they know hes going to come back and kick their *$$'%$ on the track with another team if its top notch.
  9. gordon24fan

    gordon24fan Guest

    I hope that DEI doesn't do to Park what Hendrick did to Ricky Craven. Craven came back to soon from his crash at Taladega, and spent a few years with an under-funded team until he landed the 32 Tide ride. Park has already had one major injury in his career that took him out of the 1, DEI should have put Kenny Wallace in the 1 this year and had Park come back at Daytona next year. I hope that Park keeps his ride, he has won and will win more in Winston Cup if he can keep his ride.
  10. Awesome_Bill

    Awesome_Bill Guest

    Poor steve before his wreck he was a much better really did effect him

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