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will DEI sign him to a one year deal or will they let him go? Park said he has had a change of heart about a one year deal, but did he upset DEI when he slammed them a couple of weeks ago? :confused:
Doubt he turned the deal off with those remarks.

From what I read he is now negotiating with Ty on the details of the one year extension.
Good ?, this could go both ways.
I do feel sorry for Steve and with all th rumors flyin.........who knows!
They may not be any rides for him , outside of DEI.:confused:
I don't think that his comments are really a factor in the negotiations...I would have to say his on track performance as well as the possiblity of improvement will be the main factors...
well as a Steve Park fan I hope he stays. who knows, a contract may very well improve his on track performance immediatley. After the off season maybe he will be a contender again.:leap: :leap: :leap: :leap:
I think he'll be gone. but he'll end up kickin their but down the road
Look at Craven,If you want to see Steve Parks blueprint for the future.He needs more time to recover.:)
They should give him one more year to see what he can do. I don't think he's had enough time to properly recover from his injury and to get that competitive edge back.
I think that he will stay for one more year. In 2004, I think that Sam Hornish will take over if not sooner.
I honestly feel that Park,before his injury at least,was the best driver in the D.E.I stable.If Ty and company release him now,I agree that it could come back to haunt them...
Not that I am anti-Park (I'm not) but I think the dude is still half a tic off. Normal reaction times might be ok for freeway drivers but............I have mixed emotions about the fact that he might be getting the chance to prove me wrong, but I think he is done as a competitive racecar driver.

I think that driving a car next to Steve Park has got to be an extremely scary thing to do.
steve seems like a great guy, but i dont think being a great guy will get you every where in life including a ride in nascar----but i think he does atleast deserve a ride somewhere---if buck shot had one for a while so should steve.
Well, I think the main reason why Park doesn't want a one-year deal is b/c he'll know at this point in the season next year, this will be a distraction again. I don't blame him, but unless he's got something else in the works, I think he should just take the ride, get the press off him, and focus on trying to turn that team around.
Steve should take the ride. I think he is caught up in self-pride, when there is most likely no team to offer him a spot. Like 97forever said, he used to be the best driver of DEI, but after his wreck has fallen to possibly the worst. If he leaves DEI I honestly think his career may be over. If he takes the 1 year deal I think that it will make little difference, hes not runnning at his best, maybe never will again.
I agree. Steve Park should take that DEI deal and work extra hard next year to prove everyone wrong. He's not going to find a better ride at this point because he's been branded damaged goods.

Wherever he goes, I hope he is successful. He's from within 30 miles of here. Not too many *cool* New Yorkers on the Winston Cup circuit. ;)
Steve is definitely not driving like he was before he was hurt but he deserves another year to see if he can get back to his former level which was very good IMO.

If he has permanent damage then he should probably retire and that will be sad because he had a good future in front of him.

Dale Jr. is my favorite but DEI had better give Steve Park another year or I will be very disappointed with them. I don't care about it being a business thing. I may be old fashioned but I believe in that loyalty stuff and I have a lot more respect for a team or organization that sicks with someone who has done their best for them.

It's not Steve's fault that he was injured and I really want to see him come back and at least have the chance to prove to himself whether he can or not.
Steve will be back in top shape in 2003.. I take this so called "slump" he is in as just a small learning curve. I've thought that since he came back, that the rest of this season will be a learning deal for him. Watch out in 2003... Park will be back.
Hey, there's still a lot of this year left. Not better time to start turning around that team than now. And once Steve firms up this contract deal, i think he will be able to focus on bringing this team back around. Maybe.
The contract deal and some of the surrounding controversy may have contributed more to Steve's poor showing so far than normally would be expected. I figure that despite what he might say, he too may some reservations about his recovery. To be attempting a comeback when you have doubts of your own floating around your head and then have the boss openly discussing a replacement if results don't improve right away had to play hell the guys confidence.

Get the one year extension done, focus on the job at hand, get few good finishes to build confidence and the whole deal will fall right into place for next year as well. IMHO
I agree HS, I think alot of what is going on with Steve Park is the uncertianty surrounding the team and his performance. Steve knows he can get the job done and so do the fans. Sign the one year deal, get his head straight, and kick some butt in 2003.
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