Still On Top of The Heap



How long ago was it that Sterling was sposed to get knocked off?

Was trying to decide how to word the same thought!:D

Only Rusty and Kurt of the top 10 gained on Sterling today, it might not be so easy to catch the old boy, he didn't start playing this game recently and that counts.
Frankly,I expected Sterling to fade before now.I like him and believe he is a great driver,just never saw him holding on this long.I still would think Martin will gain a LOT of ground at Watkins Glen, least I hope so.
I would think Martin, Stewart, and Gordon all will have a great chance to gain major ground at Watkins. But who knows?
Up until today I saw Bill as knockin him off lol...I think it will happen by Indy. Or maybe he'll surprise you all and win it.
This is one of them years where anything can happen. Aren't they all?

nascar decided they wanted parity, and it sure looks to me like that's what they got. Rusty and Jeff haven't won a race yet they are both in the top five. Bill's hanging out tenth with no wins, and Matt's mired in 9th with three.
Yea ol Sterling isn't looking to give that points lead away any time soon. I surely thought that he never would have lasted this long but he's lookin good so far. Too bad that one bad race could change everything up.
I said it once I said it again there will be a new points leader after watkins glen Ill bet anyone on it
well if you wouldl look at all the other threads abotu the champioship i have always said that Sterlin will hold everyone off and win the champioship and right now he is making me look good!!!!!!!
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