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Aug 6, 2016
Zwickau, Saxony (Germany)
Does anyone else on here follow the Brazilian Stock Car Championship?
IMO, is like a better world's DTM
Unfortunately, since Peugeot left in 2016 Chevy is the only manufacturer in the series but that doesn't make the racing worse.

There are several well-known Brazilian drivers in the series, like former F1 drivers Rubens Barrichello, Nelson Piquet Jr. and Ricardo Zonta, former V8 Supercar driver Max Wilson, five-time series champion Caca Bueno, former IndyCar driver Ana Beatriz (aka. Bia Figuereido) and Julio Campos, the younger brother of the late F3000 driver Marco Campos.

I watched several races in 2017, unfortunately didn't get to watch any in 2018 but I hope I'll be able to watch all races this year.

This is race 2 at Autodromo Velo Città, one week ago. Awesome stuff.
I've watched the series on and off, would really love to check out a race in person. Argentina has a couple of really awesome looking series as well!
I watch a compilation on YT called RacingFail. These guys are featured alot. Solid stuff but very amateurish.
I believe I saw the series is coming to Iracing
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