The MotoGP starting grid contains 9 riders who have won motorcycle racing World Titles and 19 riders who have won World Championship races.

Afte rall the huff and puff over the offseason about how all these riders, now that they are on better equipment will ride circles around Rossi. The race started with the Italian trio circling the Suzuka curves close together with Capirossi putting the Ducati at the front of the pack in it's debut GP. Rossi in second always seemed quite content and smooth compared to the line bashing style of his countryman in front. The pass was inevitable; then Biaggi followed and could not match the speed of his long time arch-rival. Capirossi misjudged the chicane and dropped back off in third while Rossi was left alone. I don't think so, never have, never will. Granted riders like Barros had torn ligments, Ukawa and Tamada crashed, but still he just cruised around the last part of the race. Good race for Ducati though, 3rd and 5th right out of the box. Americans Edwards and Hayden having a great battle for 6th. Awsome, Awsome, Awsome.

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