Suzuki VStrom



How does everyone on here like the new Suzuki DL1000 Vstrom. I kinda like the concept of this bike!

I am basically down to either buying the Vstrom or the new SV1000S !!!!!!!! I just cant seem to make up my mind! I like both bikes for the kind of riding I like to do!! No doubt that the SV looks better but I might want to ride some dirt roads once in a while !!!!!! What do you all think?????????????

Thanks in Advance !!!!!!!!!
yeah, the SV1000s looks pretty sharp, but If you are going to do a whole lotta off road I would go with the Vstorm, so anything less than that I would go with the SV1000s. They both got that 998cc V-Twin, pretty good all through the power band, has constant power even at low end. I rode a TL1000S when I was in France a couple of years back( pic below ), pretty nice bike, so no matter what you choose I think you will have some enjoyment :)
I don't think that pic worked? well it didn't for me anyway, I will try again.
Thanks Nate Dogg for the advice!

Its amazing how good and inovative these bikes are year after year after year!
Nice Looking TL 1000

Any like with the French Ladies ????????
zzz Frech ladies are very nice :) oui oui. All zzz ladies in paris there are tall and skinny, which is allright by me. WHen you get the bike post a pic of it, that would be cool :)
Ok, I will do that!

Can't wait until the SV 1000 hits the showrooms!
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