Taxi! confessions....part 2

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    @dpkimmel2001 has inspired me to restart my taxi updates. As most of you know, I drive taxi some part time, and work for a tech firm as support full time to make ends meet.

    I love driving, and being a taxi driver is very flexible in terms of hours. I also drive a company car, so I do not have to worry about repairs or insurance.

    Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday nights are the big nights for club action in my small (55K) person town. I usually drive one night during the week and thurs-sat night. I usually work during the week on my day off 3pm-1am, and the club nights 6-330a.

    Last night was a big night as there was a a “bunny hop” on. This is a social media event that mostly the university kids take part in. A few years ago the two universities in tow made a rule that they could not be associated with “pub crawls” as someone was hurt. If anything, this has made things bigger, as people who are not just university kids get involved.

    Last night many girls had those bunny ears on with the pub crawl shirt tried above their waist in a knot. It as cold out! Basically 1 degree C but these girls did not care.

    The cops actually had a roadblock at one of the local clubs checking people going in and out of the club for impaired, etc. Taxi drivers for the most part get waved through these things and last night and Friday were no exception. Customers were happy I was driving them, and they were not driving themselves when they see things like this!

    I had two people in my cab who were so drunk that I had to pull over and let them throw up, lest they puke in my taxi! This is a $100 fine for the customer, but its worse for me as it puts my taxi down for the night as you cant clean that—it needs a professional cleaning before it goes out again. The girl I had in my taxi was so drunk she couldn’t stand, luckily she had a friend with her to help. I ended up helping her to her door just the same..

    The stories people tell, the drama they release on the driver is quite crazy by times. I get to hear about meddling parents, exs who they really still love and new loves they are going to see. There was some smooching in the taxi last night as well..I always try to just mind my own business when this is happening.

    There is a local military base as well about 20-30 min drive away. I took a few rides there sat and Friday. This is a $35 ride,b ut you are tied up for an hour there and back. This is a great ride to get when its slow in town, but not great when its busy. You can make more with many short trips than one longer one.

    Just last week, I had to take a military guy to the cop shop as he was so drunk he couldn’t complete the debit transaction and I could not wake him up. The cops shook him awake and I ended up completing the ride to the base with some MP help at the end—he fell asleep 2X! All is well that ends well though.

    I also had a girl reach across and grab my hand on the gearshift. This happens sometimes as I find that women in the front seat get touchy feely, touching my arm and whatnot. I just take it in stride.

    Next time I work is Tuesday night, not much will prob happen then. Hope you enjoy reading these….
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    This is what I was dealing with last night

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    The tag line, "hope you enjoy these", makes me want to tell you how much I enjoy reading about other folks jobs and experiences. People with no experience in a given field, such as taxi driver or trucker, these are real and in the case of DanicaFreak and DPK, and Magnethead explaining of his work on the race car or Dakota, all seem well written. Keep them coming! They are quite interesting, plus, it is thought provoking to read how different people act/react in various situations.

    SOooooooo, keep the stories coming.
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    I also had a guy that I was told to pick ujp at the cop station
    He got in and said

    "Im with the FBI"
    "If something happens to me a bomb will go off"
    "if Canada does not join the allies trump will bomb Canada"

    This guy kinda unnerved me. The cops said he was harmless and to take him to the emergency ward for evaluation.
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    Maybe the cops should have taken him for evaluation???
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    I agree. with the snow we were getting they were busy and offloaded the issue to me.
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    Glad you made it OK. And in the snow. It's 97* on my porch right now.
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    We are used to it, like you are with the large snakes. *shiver*
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    Winter sucks, especially when it's Spring.
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    just found out tonight is last class bash at the two local universities. tonight will be wild.
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    Got your armor-plated underwear? You may need it.
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    It was pretty todays are all into their phones.They dont seem to go out much anymore. much less busy than ones when I was in school.

    Most memorable fare was a bunch of very drunk girls going to local 24 hr eatery. The things people talk about when they are
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    Yea it is depressing that society only cares about their phone. Just go to a restaurant and you will see people looking at their phones and not talking to each other. This can not be good for our future generations.
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