That inside lane is a joke!

just another challenge for the drivers.............i love when things like poor track conditions come into play...........really makes them earn there is really neat to see the teams try to adapt and overcome adversity..........
The Entire Track was a Joke. Passing was better than I expected but when you got up just a little too high it was like "ice". Nascar needs to make some changes
NHIS is trying i think, but poor timing on laying the sealer was the culprit i think..........some changes will be made before next race i assume
No doubt the owners of that track will do something. they have put a ton of effort into that place already. They seem to really care but everything they do seems to backfire.
I can assure you that no track owner works harder for the fans and competitors than Bahre. Sometimes things don't go the way you want.

Despite the problems, there was lots of passing going on. Much more than in most years past so the somehow something was helping with that deal.

If the car was good and could move to new line going in or coming out of the turns the expanded track helped a lot. If your car couldn't hold the low line or you overdrove the corner going in, you paid a big price.
That inside lane aint no joke....The whole damn track is.
I like flat tracks. It ain't broke, and imo it's a heck of lot better racing than what happens at the cookie cutters. I'ld venture to guess that not one single turn of one single lap didn't see somebody passing somebody else.
They started using the bottom more towards the end, but it was still no where near being a two groove track. Since they went to all that trouble repaving and widening that place, how come they couldn't have also raised the banking a couple of degrees? Would it really have been that hard?
Poor track conditions is going to get someone killed, that track was horriable, either reconfigure the track and add somemore banking or get rid of the track alltogether.
If you saw how full those stands were, you'll probably understand why Nascar is hesitant to get rid of that track all together. The owner of New Hampshire has really put a lot into keeping that facility up to date, and has even tried making the track better. Also, the owner is looking into investing into soft-wall technology for next season, and is leading the initiative to get them used in Nascar. New Hampshire's owner's heart is in the right place, but something needs to be done with that track, and more banking might be a better place to start.
The bottom line is that flat track racin is a whole different animal that most of nascar's stars either never learned or forgot. The big boys of nascar have come to rely on banking and when it ain't there, some of them haven't a clue.

Jack Roush doesn't have Kyle Busch in an ASA car for his health.
You do pose a good point, 71fan, but for the fans, racing on a track where drivers can hardly pass, whether banked or not, just is not that fun to watch.
the track is a joke, it sells out because its the closest race track for a state or two ( i think, im horrible with geography) i really feel for the Bahre's, they've really tried, but the track is just uncurably bad
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