the 25 car


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Jun 11, 2002
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What the hey is wrong, NOBODY seems to be able to do anything right in that car.:mad:
I hate to see him wreck again...........we gonna have a wreck fest today? :bleh:
i don't think it was joe's fault..............25 car is jinxed i think
Looked like Jeff Green to me, did you see Bobby's car after he checked up? Then again, no good angles for a replay......
The only person who did something in that car was the guy they fired...Nadue. Joe has had some bad luck in it though...I dont think its all his fault that it wrecks nearly every week.
Tim Richmond had the most wins in the #25 car,but currently I agree that HMS never shud have let Jerry go,He led 37 laps today & led laps at Infineon Raceway(Sears Point).Believe that Joe had His 5th DNF today in the #25 car,seems to Me that He's tearing it up more than Jerry used to get accused of doing,JMO!
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