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Jun 14, 2002
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Not at all to hype the kid because his number appears in my 'handle' but Kurt put on one heck of a charge back to the front today.A flat tire caused him to lose the laps,and on a track with 'no groove'and the track 'coming apart'...he still made a great run to finish eighth.

Ok.Last time I am hyping Busch till he wins again[Indy],I promise!
Not to mention the hole in the radiator.

The way I figure it, Kurt passed about 150 cars today. Told ya that kid was killer on flats.
Kurt handled a tough deal as good as any vet would, not bad for a yonker.

Newman showed good today too, with these talents in WC and a couple more coming soon I'm looking forward to some good racing for few more years yet.;)
And don't forget the talent streaming in from the Busch series:Riggs,Biffle,Hamilton Jr.,Wimmer,etc.We may be on the verge of another 'golden era'in Nascar!
Kurt looked good. Was happy for him and Ryan also. Go ahead and brag on him all you want 97 fan.
Bill did the same thing today, he made up 4 laps, but he was still 9 down. He had a good car as I saw him capable of running with the leaders during his period of stress. ALL DAY.
I thought that Jerry Nadeau had a good run going,led 37 laps,finished in 18th spot,but still showed that He cud run up front just like He did at Infineon(Sears Point)!
Let's not forget the Blue Duece, 2 laps down to finish 4th!!
And, for goodness sake someone mention Jeff Green. No one ever talks about him. Ever. Here he is with a hole, an actual freaking hole, as big as a basketball in the front of his car and he was not only able to run up front but even pass a few of the big boys. Poor ol' BobbyL gets a small wrinkle in his hood and he's thru for the day. But, Green and a hole, a hole I tell you....:p
Very true, Green had a very good run yesterday. Not a "hole" lot of mention was given to him either. :)
Never really thought about it but Bush did pass 30 car 4 times to finish 8th from 3 laps down, good run.
Just can't really "like" jeff green" yet.

I thought Matt Kenseth did a jam up job.PURRRRRRRRRRRRR
How about a thread the worst run of the race. We all could probably come up with a lot more of those. For example wall greeters #20, #45,#25 with a little help! almost #24 great save on his part. The 3 that parked the cars only after a couple of laps. Maybe next weeks race will be a little more interesting.:p
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