The blurt thread

I assume just blurt out something in your head.
I love this job but I can't wait to have weekends back!
I love this job but I can't wait to have weekends back!
I work six on, three off so am usually off during the week which I like.
Weekends are too busy I find and I'm too old to have a social life. Lol
People have the wrong perception of Philly fans.
Hate getting in trouble from the boss for a combination of her and others lack of communication!
There is nothing like getting paid to do nothing.
My oldest sister is crazy and annoying and she does stuff like run out of gas and I have to go help her in the middle of the night, but it makes me feel good to help her out anyway.
So much drama at work today I don't know if I should laugh or just put my head on the desk.
a lot of stupid people
I disagree all sizes look great.
Holy crap, Charmed is a really bad show. But, it is a good excuse to show some hot chicks on a weekly basis.
I'm too young to have my back feel this ******.
I'm sorry to hear that. I've been dealing with bad issues since I fractured a vertebrae when I was 18 years old. By the time I was nearly 40, I couldn't even work at all for like seven years.
I guiltily watch "The 100" on Netflix with my 14 yr old daughter
I gotta work at noon tomorrow and for quite a long time and yet I can't seem to take my @ss to bed like I should have a long time ago in light of those facts.:blink:
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