The Bus Ride

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    Last weekend helping a friend move to a new house.

    They are known for enjoying a good time in those parts BUT.

    A warning to all you – be very careful about drink-driving as we are getting close to Christmas, and the Police are out in their numbers checking on people.

    Last night, I drove my pal out for a few drinks before the big move. One thing led to another, and I had a few too many beers and then got into the liquor. Not a good idea!

    Knowing I was over the limit, I decided to leave my car where it was and took a bus home. Sure enough, I passed a Police control point where they were pulling over drivers and performing breathalyzer tests. Because I was in a bus, they just waved it past. I arrived home safely and without incident, which was a real surprise as I've never driven a bus before and I am not even sure where I got it from.
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