The ESPY Awards



Just was wondering what your thoughts were on them since they are tomarrow.
I vote for Anna Kornikova for everything. :booya: :jumping: :lovewow: :booya: :nyanya: :nyanya:

On Tuesday (June 4), ESPN announced the nominees for The 2002 ESPY Awards, which will be aired on ESPN July 10 at 9 p.m. ET from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.
A complete list of this year's awards are listed below.

Cross-Cutter Awards (Athletes from different sports)
Best Male Athlete
Best Female Athlete
Best Game or Event
Best Team
Best Coach or Manager
Best Male College Athlete
Best Female College Athlete
Best U.S. Olympic Athlete or Team
Best Comeback Athlete
Best Breakthrough Athlete
Most Memorable Moment
Most Spectacular Play
Best Record-Breaking Performance

Individual Awards
Arthur Ashe Courage Award
Best Action Sports Athlete
Best Baseball Player
Best Male Pro Basketball Player
Best Female Pro Basketball Player
Best Bowler
Best Boxer
Best Disabled Athlete
Best Driver
Best Male Golfer
Best Female Golfer
Best Hockey Player
Best Jockey
Best Outdoors Sports Athlete
Best Male Soccer Player
Best Female Soccer Player
Best Sports Movie
Best Male Tennis Player
Best Female Tennis Player
Best Male Track and Field Athlete
Best Female Track and Field Athlete
I vote for Anna Kournikova and her opponent here for best show of Sportsmanship...

I don't know who will win the best driver, I think it is a toss up between J. Gordon and Shue.
Thanks for the link TRL!

Here's my pick (luv my Wingy Dings!)
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