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Kinda stole this idea, but giving it a twist.

In WC right now, the King of the Hill would have to be Jeff Gordon. Whether you like him or not, no current driver measures up in terms of winning percentage or championships. However no driver can acheive legendary status without legendary rivals.

Starting from this point in time forward, who among the drivers now competing at either the Winston Cup or Busch level will pose the biggest challenge to Jeff's throne??

TS, JJ, KB, RN, Jr, MK, BL, GB, SW, KH, ES, or someone else. The possibilities are greater than you might think. Keep in mind that drivers in so so equipment can suddenly find the right car and crew. Ricky Craven, Stacy Compton, Dave Blaney and a host of others cannot be dismissed.
Biffle, Busch, NEWMAN, Stewart, NEWMAN, NEWMAN, Johnson, NEWMAN, Kenseth and NEWMAN

Biffle, Busch, NEWMAN, Stewart, NEWMAN, NEWMAN, Johnson, NEWMAN, Kenseth and NEWMAN

My radar has detected somthing, I not quite sure what it is. Can you help me?

As for me prolly: T. Stewart, M. Kennseth and Jr. would be my top choices. But as you state; right team, right equipment, right time, etc,etc,etc..........
All in all I'm sure someone will step up to the challenge!
i dont think anyone will ever do as good in as little of a time as JG, but if anyones got a shot it would be biffle -:thumbsup: or JJ - :bleh: Tony would have a shot if he stays long enough, but i dont think he will be around too much longer provided hr keeps making good money.
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Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Greg Biffle, Scott Riggs

My picks too, but I would also add Kurt Busch and Matt Kenseth.
Dale, Darrel Walpert, Richard Petty, Rusty, Allsome Bill. Ivern, Gordon, Earnhardt, Smith, Johson, Jr. "Tim Wlison"
Tony has a shot but I am looking for Kenseth to be the most consistent contender of the lot. He ain't flashy, but maybe that's a good thing...Bill Elliott wasn't all that flashy either.
None of the above Scrabble Dude. You forget I've seen Kurt's little brother and tho he may not be shining too brightly in ASA, the lessons he is learning from the Masters of Shorttrack Racing will serve him well.

As for JG, I don't believe him to be nearly the great driver that his record indicates. His equipment was the best in the biz during his heyday and like in the days of King Richard, most of the other guys were running for 2nd place.

The great drivers are the ones who have taken their 2nd rate stuff to Victory Lane, not the ones who simply show up with the fastest cars.
I'd say Matt Kenseth and Scott Riggs, both are very good and in years to come will be very strong drivers.
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