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Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by StandOnIt, Jul 28, 2018.

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    looks like a must see to me. Premiere November 16

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    Riverhead raceway! Love that track! Too bad it doesn’t focus on the modified class there. One of the very few tracks that runs NASCAR tour type Modifieds weekly
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    Well..... I like the idea....but not quite....

    Weekly, non-touring, asphalt racing is strongest in the Northeast. Stafford, Riverhead, and Seekonk all have some of the deepest fields of talent you'll see weekly in asphalt racing. Each of these tracks attracts over 80 cars between their weekly divisions. Stark contrast to what I hear and see results for in other regions of the country where there's become a serious dearth of racecars. Stafford, on any given Friday night, will actually SEND HOME heard that right. Full-fields of 24 SK's and 24 SK Lights have been a pretty common occurrence the past couple years. But this is not because of "blue-collared Bobby Joe working 50 hour weeks in a trade and coming home each night to work on his racecar"'s because this is upper-class America with guys who make enough $$$ to have racing as a hobby.

    I want to hear the story of a track in the backwoods of North Carolina where families who have been in racing for generations struggle to keep the passion alive through changing socioeconomic variables both in the racing world and the "real" world. I'm sure this movie means well and it will focus on the few guys that are "blue-collar" street stock drivers at Riverhead (although this is Long Island...if you're blue-collar you can't afford to live there). But I don't think it'll mention the Modified guys there that are driving full-sized haulers to the track to tow their "toys".

    Racing here has become a playground for those who can afford it. Racing has never been cheap, but the "common man" keeps getting priced out of anything above a cheap 4 cylinder or Legend car.

    I don't mean to sound ornery, the youths call it these days..."salty"...over the racing in my region. And I feel blessed to have full, healthy fields and competitive racing. But it's not the way the "good 'ole boys" did it years ago as this movie will try to portray.

    @AndyMarquisLive ...your take???
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    huh? it's a film

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